Genshin Impact Leaks Version 4.5 Banner Characters

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Genshin Impact, may provide Albedo fans with some welcome newsaccording to a reliable source and Albedo and Chiori will make their triumphant return alongside each other as Event Banners in Version 4.5 of Genshin Impact’s Event Banners.

Although Albedo was initially expected to appear alongside Itto in Version 4.3’s banners in Genshin Impact. Ayaka and Yoimiya were chosen instead due to Roses and Muskets featuring Ayaka, Ayato and Yoimiya visiting Fontaine; yet fans who had been waiting since November 1, 2022 will still feel deeply disappointed by such an unexpected turn of events.

Genshin Impact Leaks Version 4.5 Banner Characters

With Genshin Impact’s Version 4.4 Event Banners showcasing Xianyun, Nahida, Yae Miko and Xiao as the protagonists fans who wanted Albedo may now have some additional time to save up their Primogems, for Albedo’s return. Chenyu Vale will also launch in Version 4.4; although zone exploration does not yield many Primogems, its Lantern Rite patch has proven quite generous when it comes to giving away Intertwined Fates!

  • Leaks suggest Albedo and Chiori will appear in Genshin Impact Version 4.5 Event Banners, providing Albedo fans the rerun they have been wanting since November 2022.
  • Recent changes to Version 4.4’s Event Banners suggest that one or both of Xianyun’s adopted daughters may feature prominently in Version 4.5.
  • Albedo’s star weapon, the Cinnabar Spindle, is no longer accessible to new players; providing them with a viable replacement would boost player interest in Albedo and spark more player enthusiasm for Version 4.5.

Little_Teyvat, a trusted source in Genshin Impact Leaks community, recently confirmed Albedo and Chiori as Event Banners for Version 4.5 – aligning perfectly with previous information regarding Genshin Impact characters’ banner order. Fans had long anticipated Chiori to make her debut alongside Arlecchino (launching in 4.6), so Albedo’s return is certainly welcome news.

Genshin Impact Leaks Version 4.5

Assumed to be 5-Star Geo Sword character Chiori will likely also become known as HoYoverse healer in Genshin Impact for which players hope HoYoverse can introduces first 5-Star Geo healer character to Genshin Impact for first time ever!

Upcoming Genshin Impact 5-Star Characters

Version 4.4

Xianyun: 5-Star Anemo Catalyst

Nahida: 5-Star Dendro Catalyst

Xiao: 5-Star Anemo Polearm

Yae Miko: 5-Star Electro Catalyst

Genshin Impact Leaks Version 4.5 Banner Characters

Version 4.5

Chiori: 5-Star Geo Sword

Albedo: 5-Star Geo Sword

Since, it remains to be seen which characters will join Chiori and Albedo in Version 4.5, recent changes to Version 4.4’s Event Banners have seen Shenhe, and Ganyu being dislodged from their banner order increasing the chance that at least one of Xianyun’s adoptive daughters may make an appearance in it. Furthermore, given they will both receive new outfits during Lantern Rite, HoYoverse likely doesn’t intend to postpone them too long before bringing them back out for another run through.

Genshin Impact

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There’s one additional factor to keep in mind, however: Albedo’s preferred weapon – Cinnabar Spindle, an exclusive four-Star Sword from past Limited Events that no longer can be acquired by new players – must also be considered. While HoYoverse is under no obligation to recreate such rewards again for Version 4.5 events, creating viable replacement weapons would certainly spark player interest in one of Genshin Impact’s lesser known characters and bring more people in!

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