Apple iPhone SE 4 launch date, Price and its features leaked online

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Excitement is high in the tech community as expectancy constructs for the launch of the Apple iPhone SE 4. Speculations and leakages are circulating offering interesting hints about what Apple has actually planned for its most recent smartphone version. Discover with us as we explore one of the most current info and conversations concerning the excitedly waited for iPhone SE 4.

Apple iPhone SE 4 launch date and features leaked online

The iPhone SE 4 will be Apple’s first low cost offering to transition from an LCD to an OLED matching Other high-end devices from the company, but buyers will have to be very patient as this particular model is expected to launch in 2025. Fortunately, the company doesn’t have to worry about the price of the iPhone SE 4, as Samsung and BOE are reportedly fighting for the order.

iPhone SE 4 OLED Price Comparison and Samsung’s Competitive Bid

The screen is one of the most expensive parts of a smartphone with Qualcomms 5G modem being another costly component. These factors have likely discouraged Apple from launching a new phone but according to The Elec, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to debut next year. Since, the affordable handset will now feature an OLED panel instead of an IPS LCD screen, it will cost Apple slightly more. However, Samsung and BOE are competing to become the primary supplier which may work in Apple’s favor.

Apple iPhone SE 4 launch date and features leaked online

The iPhone SE 4 phone is likely to have a similar design like, as the iPhone 14. Even though it doesn’t have ProMotion technology on its OLED screen. This Phone expected to provide more vibrant colors, darker blacks and a wider range of colors compared to an LCD display. Samsung and BOE have given their pricing estimates for the affordable model which range from $30 to $40. Nevertheless, sources indicate that Samsung is in a more favorable position providing Apple with the lowest price of $30 per unit while BOE’s offer is set at $35.

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Apple iPhone SE 4 launch date and features leaked online

Tienma, a Chinese company that makes displays has bid the highest price of $40 for the component used in the iPhone SE 4. Considering Samsung’s previous business relationship with Apple and the claim that it is offering the lowest bid. It is likely that Samsung will receive the majority of the orders with BOE following behind. The prices quoted by each company for the OLED panels are approximately one-third lower than the panel used in the iPhone 15 allowing Apple to make a good profit margin on each iPhone SE 4 sold.

According to the report, Apple has not yet settled on a production partner possibly because the company deems a $30 panel price for the iPhone SE 4 too high to proceed with a launch. If the California based company fails to reach a decision promptly, the release of the low cost option could face further delays.

iPhone SE 4 Set to Debut in First Half of 2025

The last appearance of the iPhone SE series mobile phone in 2022 in its third generation. Attention is shifting towards the series amidst huge interest from a large segment. Previously, several sources reported that the phone would be introduced in September 2025 along with the iPhone 16. However, new reports indicate that there has been a change.

The Elec shared a report, that the iPhone SE 4 phone would arrive sooner than anticipated. The model is expected to be available in 2025’s first half. Apple tradition is releasing new models every June and September. According to the latest reports, the Apple iPhone SE 4 phone may be released in 2025.

What we know about the Apple iPhone SE 4 is not limited to just its launch date. According to recents reports, the phone will have an OLED screen. Based on recently revealed photos, the fourth generation Apple iPhone SE phone will have a capsule with Dynamic Island feature. If we look at the back panel we will find a single camera island that gets us, like the other models.

Apple iPhone SE 4 launch date and features leaked online

The iPhone SE 4 is set to replacing from its 12-megapixel camera by Apple choosing to use one high-resolution camera instead of a dual camera configuration. The reports shows that the handset might have a camera that has a resolution of 48 megapixels which is similar like as the iPhone 15. It is also believed that the phone will sport an 5.4inch FHD+ OLED display.

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